The function of the snow blower is quite simple, only to clean the snow blanket from your sidewalk, walkways, and driveway.  Some people will feel confused if they want to buy the snowblower like want to buy a new car because there are some the importance of so many features of the new version of snowblower itself. That new features not only on power steering but also in another part such as LED headlights.

The Cheap Snow Blower Features

Even the features that already in the snow blower was enough to help people to make the sidewalk clear from snow, but with the development of technology, the new features in snow blower make this tools will make you more easy to use it, especially if you need to use in the special case. Do you live in the country that often snows? So you need a three stage of a snow blower that has feature accelerator. Not only that, if you do not want your finger will be a freeze, so you must choose the snow blower that has heated handgrips.

Do you know, what the features of a snow blower that to be the recommendation from the expert? You may use the snow blower without the tires airless or an impeller that extra wide. There are some types of snow blower that has each difference.

  1. Single stage

This first type of snow blower just depends on auger that has high speed to gather the snow then take it out through the channel.

  1. Two-stage

In this another type of snow blower, there is a fan that has a function to take the snow out from the channel in behind the auger. This feature provides that helps the engine to prevent any snow from clogging.

  1. Three stage

In this three-stage snow blower, there is the accelerator that will make the machine become faster to clean the snow. It means that if you use the three-stage snow blower, your job to clean the snow will be more easy and fast.

Before you decided to buy a snow blower, you need to know about the features in snow blower that very useful.

Multiple Speeds

If you want to choose the single or double stage snow blower, so you just get the one speed on the performance of the engine. Whereas the multiple or double speed will allow you to work faster in cleaning snow. Especially in the conditions such as in the lighter snow or in the gentle lines of snow. The snow blower that has a feature to change the speed is also can prevent the clogging when you clean the deeper snow.

The Single Hand Operation

If you choose the snow blower that has the single hand operation, so it will be beneficial for you to be able to set the machine with one hand and the other hand can set the chute.

The Chute Control

along with the development of technology, now we can find the snow blower that has a joystick to control the chute. It will allow you to change the horizontal and vertical direction of the discharge of chute with the push in the liver part. This feature will make you easy to use even you use the thick gloves. Even you use the thick gloves and make a little bit difficult to do the maneuver, but you will be easy to turn the crank control, that you operate it with your hand. That is may be the best choice in snow time, even you need to test the crank in the snow blower store to make sure that snow blower is suitable with the location.


To choose the best snow blower, you also need to consider about the lighting, because maybe you will use that blower in a low light condition such as in dusk or dawn, or in the overcast morning. Because it will be dangerous to the motorists if the lighting of snow blower not quite bright, especially if there is terrible snow blast.


For you who those get used to a snow blower, certainly, know about the snow blower that has three stages. This accelerator has the function to separate the two stages of the machine with the power of blower. In this features is a must if you want to throw the snow in the fast time. This accelerator will make the snow clearing to be faster and forced the snow to discharge of impeller.

Electric Start

If now you still use the snow blower pull, so it is really not efficient. That is the reason why now there is so many snow blower that has the power from gas that has an electric plugin. In this feature also has a cord that can be prolonged. But, you may need to restart that snow blower if you have to use in the location that away from the power source.

The Capability To Easy Turn

If you need the big blower capacity, so the easy turn feature is a must. This feature will make you easy to move so fast in the sharp turning because the wheel will be spinning so fast.

Heated Handgrip

The heated handgrip that has good quality is a must for a hard winter snow. Because it will give you protection and warmth. Moreover, if you live in the extreme snow place. The handgrip that can be heated is the best feature that you need to choose.

Keeping your lawn at its perfect condition is the best consideration you have to take as a lawn owner. When it comes to you to choose the mowers, you might want to start choosing some parts that will be easy to consider. In this case, you can start choosing the products on the market. But, you need to also see how much you budget. You need to know that you can choose some mowers at the best price. By considering the price, you can manage your money and invest in the best mower with the most reasonable price.

The Best Mowers with the Cheapest Price

The lawn mower is the essential part of the home equipment you have if you need to always keep your lawn at its best condition. But, you shouldn’t choose the one that is too pricey. Being reasonable when choosing the lawn mower at the lowest price is the best thing to save dollars in your bank account. So, we’re summarizing some of the cheapest, most affordable turn mowers for your need.

  1. The first turn mower that is suitable with you is John Deere Z345R. This turn mower is one of the best as it has a sturdy body and you can get them at the reasonable price. It has a 22 horsepower engine which can be quite powerful for your lawn. Besides, it is also completed with a 42-inch deck that will be good for cut off all the grass on the lawn. You will also get the best service as it will give you 2 years warranty so you can get the best choice as you can.
  2. Toro TimeCutter SWX5050 is considered as one of the sophisticated turn mowers that will be suitable for you. It has 3 blades that will be comfortable to use. When it comes to the parking and other operation, you will never find a match for this turn mower. It is functional, comfortable to use and also affordable. You can even get a sophisticated technology to be used in this simple but also powerful turn mower.
  3. Are you looking for a good turn mower for a professional-looking mowing result? Then Ariens Ikon is the answer. You can get the best experience when choosing them as the mower for your medium to large yards. You can even get the best features such as the adjustment to the cutting height, making it as one of the flexible mowers you can use for your need. The engine is quite powerful, which is 24 horsepower which will be enough for this.
  4. For everyone who wants to experience the electric driving when you operate turn mower, you can choose Cub Cadet RZT S Zero. This turn mower is the answer for everyone who is looking for a more environmentally friendly mower. This mower is a perfect choice due to its model and simplicity. You can get the best due to its 60 minutes of continuous cutting, which will help you to save more money and time for operating it.
  5. If you opt to have a turn mower that is functional and durable, you can choose Husqvana Z254 hat will be good. It has a sturdy design that will give you fast mowing with its features. It has the best part as its cutting deck is quite big, which is 54 inch in size. It is also a heavy duty mower that will give you a perfect solution for the mowing needs. It has the best tolerance to the rough terrain and it can also give you the perfection in your lawn.
  6. If you need a turn mower for the small yards, then choose Troy-Bilt Mustang 46. The moment when you see it, you will consider it as a heavy-duty mower with a durable engine. Indeed, it is designed for the best work in the yard that is simple and small. It has 24 horsepower that will never disappoint you. Plus, you will have the 3 years warranty that will be a good choice if there is any damage to the engine.
  7. Ariens Zoom is also a simple choice for everyone who wants to have a good turn mower that is functional and perfect to use. In this case, you can get lots of features in this mower, just like the 19 horsepower engine that will be enough for the work and also the best features for your mobility when cutting the grass. It comes with the functional control system that will enable you to have a perfect control over the machine. It also provides a comfortable seat for you.
  8. Huqsvarna MZ261 is also a choice for everyone who needs the turn mower for the home need. In this case, you can get a powerful 27 horsepower machine that is simple and functional. It is completed with a hydrostatic transmission system that will enable you to get the best of everything. Besides, you can also get the high speed at 8.5 MPH that will be good for a quick grass cutting. It is also comfortable to operate, so you don’t have to be worried about it.

So, those are the things you can consider to have when you need to get the urn mower with the most affordable price. Those mowers are functional and some are even completed with the sophisticated features. Decide which one your choice is and get the benefits from it!

Before you choose the zero turn mowers, it is better for you to decide whether your needs about mowing are for commercial or residential? Because this zero turn mowers will provide the performance and maneuverability to reduce your time need to trim and mowing the grass. So, before you choose and buy the zero turn mower, you need to see some tips and review. So, you will make the best decision.

For Homeowner Or Professional?

The first thing that you need to decide before buy zero turn mowing is the size of the area that will cut. The zero turn mowing that will be used for the homeowner is usually small. It means that this size just need the small space to storage and it will also be able to be navigated in smaller passages in your home. It probably to use in the narrow gates and will help you to cut the grass more than four acres per hour. If you need the zero turn mowers for professional use, so you need to buy the zero turn mower that has features such as, wide range, the option of powerful engine, the decks with larger cutting, the fuel tanks with big size and usually the zero turn mowers that use to professional can cut the grass until more than seven acres per hour.

There is the special specification that you need to decide before buying the zero turn mower.

  1. Durability

If you have to finish your job to cutting grass in heavy condition, so you need the zero turn mower that has durability and the engine that reliable. You need to choose the zero turn mower that designed with the components that can be used even for a long time.

  1. The control placement

The control placement is the one feature that you need take pay attention, because if you want to have the ergonomic mowing experience, so you need to know about the position of riding lawn in zero turn mower. With the dampening vibration also will make you feel comfortable and reduce your fatigue.

  1. The rear wheels

If you need the zero turn mower that can be used in uneven ground. So you need to choose the zero turn mower that has the widely rear wheels that can make less pressure in the grass surface. It means that flatten the less of grass will make the blades work efficiently to reach the grass.

  1. Cooling system

The cooling system is the important feature that has a function to make your zero turn mower keep optimum and efficient to operate even in hot days and with long use period.

Zero turn mower will allow you to drive round in the circle concentric and cutting the grass in every inch. Without the need to repeat your work to turn around because of the radius of large turning in a traditional lawn mower. The zero turn mower will allow you to save the time and power. With the zero turning so it will make your work effective and fast. But to choose the best zero turn mowers is quite difficult. So maybe you need some product review to give you inspirations before buying the best zero turn mower.


Husqvarna is the one of zero turn mower that has the various option not only for the professional but also for the consumer that use it in their home. We can say that Husqvarna is the leader of zero turn mower. You may need budget until 6,000 AUD for the new level of the machine, and more than 15,000 dollars for the top of the line type. Huqsvarna has the famous power that it has wheel drive with the hydraulic system. This zero turn mower also has the easy and comfortable to operate because of the component of chassis that easy to access. Huqsvarna product gives you the standard guaranteed for 2 years that can be upgraded until 5 years if you buy this product in the official dealer of Huqsvarna.


Kubota is the one of Japan product that can be developed in the world. This product was to be popular since the 19th century. Kobota itself start to produce in 1890. And this product has Z series of zero turn mower. You can choose one of 12 options of the Z series. the price of their entry level is quite expensive around 6,000 dollars. But these Z series give you 4 years time warranty and 300 hours for warranty for all the part of machines. It is really considering things for you.

John Deere

John Deere is one of the famous equipment manufactures that was made some good product for farm equipment. This brand has Z335E Ztrack that has a 42-inch deck and the V twin engine with 20HP. This product also provided with the wide foot of panel. You only need to spend 4,500 dollars to buy the zero turn mower with the compact machine that more comfortable, reliable, and it is cheaper than another brand in that level.


Walker is the best choice for you that beginner. This product has the basic designed to use some type of decks that it means that you may cut anything with the 36 inches until 74-inch decks. For the use for the home, you may choose the engines to start from 18HP for the residential use model. This residential model sells start from 9,000 dollars. Even this product is quite expensive but the stability and maneuverability of this product need to consider before you but the zero turn mower.

When you want to maintain the best performance for your house, you might want to choose the best investment in having the lawn mower in the best quality. However, the lawn mower will be the best choice to keep your lawn perfectly mowed and green. When it comes to you to choose the best lawn mower, you can choose the self-propelled one, which is more efficient to use. When it comes to you to choose the land mower for your need, you can also get them from the best brands for your need. In this article, we’ll give you a complete guide of the best mowers that will be perfect for you.

Choosing the Right Self Propelled Mowers

There are plenty of products from the brands that will be easy to recognize. At the market, you can try something that is simple and also function. When it comes to you to choose the mower, always notice about its quality and how it functions for your work. So, here are some of the best self-propelled lawn mowers for your need.

  1. You can start by choosing Honda HRR216K9VKA that is simple and will give you the best performance. It is designed a simply with functional features that will enable you in doing what you need from a mower. Besides, you will also get some unique features like the wheel adjustment which is available in 4 levels, the durability, and high performance. One-pull start, and also the comfortable handling for everyone who is looking for a better grip in operating this mower.
  2. You can also choose Try-Blit TB330 that is simple and will be good for every lawn, especially the small, medium-sized lawn in your home. It is completed with a 163 cc engine that will enable you to do the work. When it comes to the best part of this mower, you will have the features like adjustment in the wheel easily done. Besides, you can also maintain its condition perfectly. The mower will be cleaned perfectly and you don’t have to be afraid of choosing the washer. It is easy to use, even by the elderly.
  3. Poulan Pro 961420141 is also a choice when you want something powerful and durable for your need. This lawn mower is designed with its lightweight features, making sure that it can give you a durable performance to clean your lawn and chopped the grass. The engine, which is Briggs and Stratton 625, will be good for everyone who is looking for the powerful engine when cleaning the lawn.
  4. Another lawnmower from Honda will take a place on the list. It is Honda HRX217K5VKA which is simple and functional just like the other series from Honda. When it comes to you to choose the best one, Honda will always be the best choice. It provides the smooth grass result when you cut them as it is embedded with Microcut Blade which is simply cutting the grass to be smooth and not harsh. There is also a speed control system that will keep your work done perfectly.
  5. If you want something good and trusted by many users, you can choose Husqvarna 961450021. This powerful lawn mower is completed with a 190 cc engine that will be easy to use. Besides, the engine is from Honda, ensuring its durability like no others. It has some pros such as the all-wheel drive features and also the quite large rear wheel which is 11 inch. But, in some cases, the chopped grass might end up on the ground, not in the basket it has.
  6. You can also choose some products from Lawn Boy 17732 Carb Compliant Kohler XT6 OHV. This unique lawn mower is equipped with Kohler’s engine in XT6 149 cc OHV engine version. It is also a choice for everyone who opts to have something affordable but still reliable when choosing the mower. Besides, you can also get the best condition when choosing the lawn mower as your choice. However, it is still a favorite of many people as it is easy to use with the best quality for an affordable lawn mower.
  7. Considering Toro Super Recycler is also an option for you. With its popular durable engine, you will never go wrong when choosing them for your need. Besides, you can also choose some unique things as you get them better to be operated on the lawn. It also has the best mowing feature that will give a perfect result.

So, those are some of the best self-propelled lawn mowers that will give you the efficient way of getting along with the business. When it comes to you to get the best, you will find lots of attractive features that are embedded in them. After all, you will need to suit the mower with your need and budget!